Calling All Caribbean Food Lovers

Beyond sharing a recipe, the Cook Like a Jamaican Legacy Cooking Club is a home for Caribbean food lovers. It's about connecting to a community, it's about connecting to soulful food, it's about how to connect to the love and creativity that we each uniquely bring to a dish.

Connect to your Food Legacy!

If you've visited our website or seen us on Youtube, you know we have a passion for cooking Jamaican food. However, we also have a passion for bringing people together in a meaningful way. We've launched the Legacy Cooking Club to interact and support a community of Caribbean food lovers. Scroll down to learn more about member benefits. – Mama Fay and Angela

Live Masterclasses

Enjoy live cooking classes with us in the comfort of your kitchen through a live-streaming virtual platform. You will get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and ask us all the questions you want. LCC members get access to unlimited live classes.


Recipe Archive

Get unlimited access to the complete library of Cook Like a Jamaican + Legacy Cooking Club recipes and cooking videos. The recipe archive features authentic must-learn traditional dishes, plus new recipes added every month for you to enjoy.


Online Courses

If you are a beginner or have a special interest, like how to make hot pepper sauce, you'll enjoy our series of curated online courses that include easy-to-follow recipes and videos. LCC members get access to unlimited online courses, coming soon.


"I must say the cornmeal pudding is and was wonderful. I work in the White House as a chef, and we tried your recipe, it is good! So our next stop is to put it on our dessert menu here. Keep doing what you do and I will keep trying it here at the BIG HOUSE."

A. Atkinson, Executive White House Chef 2013

Get started today and save!

For less than $1 a day get unlimited access to exclusive recipes, live classes and courses. Become a better cook and belong to an interactive community of people from around the world who love what you do. Don't miss out. The Legacy Cooking Club grand opening offer ends soon.


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